With a design that seems perfectly planned to ensure the coziest possible living space for a small apartment, this crib definitely has what it takes to inspire. Featuring a total surface of just 34 square meters and consisting of one room plus kitchen, hallway and bathroom, you could say this place is an ingenious display of Scandinavian design. A small hallway is connected to the entrance door and leads the inhabitants toward the small bathroom, bedroom and kitchen. The hall offers practical storage space in the form of a walk-in closet with shelves and hooks. Near the front door there is space for a shoe rack. The bedroom is very charming and offers quite a few exceptional decorative items, most of which have a traditional style. The bed frame, dressers, chests and picture frames give out a cozy, very original feel. All these by cleverly using such a small amount of living space. How do you appreciate the design of this small apartment?