The Labware Series consists of pendant lights, table and floor lamps, all in the shape of lab tubes and cylinders. Three simple elements were adjoined to shape each light: mouth-blown white opaque glass that, due to the nature of the material, makes each light unique, a hand-turned oak cork bark stopper from Portugal and braided blue flex. All the lights come with a bright white low energy bulb. The collection gathers beautifully designed lighting systems: a spherical pendant lamp, a large spherical table or floor lamp, a conical pendant lamp, a large conical table or floor lamp, a cylindrical pendant lamp and a cylindrical table or floor lamp. Designed by award-winning Benjamin Hubert, the Labware Lights won the Blueprint Award for Best New Product at 100% Design, so if you want your guests to express their admiration for your good taste, this is a collection of lights you should look into.