This charming home was designed by Mimosa Architekti and is located the small village of Bohumile? in the Pardubice region, Czech Republic. The striking thing about this residence is that one look is enough to establish who the inhabitants are. Its cozy atmosphere, inspired by the wooden exterior, as well as its picturesque site (lush vegetation, a near-by lake) create a perfect environment for a young family. According to the architects, “the building seeks to be an unobtrusive, yet an expressive resident of the place“. The house consists of two floors; the bottom level houses most of the living space, such as a large entrance zone, an open plan living room with an integrated dining area, kitchen, bedroom and bathroom. The interior design pays tribute to space and color, creating a dynamic atmosphere, perfect for encouraging the creativity of the two children living here. Have a look at the photos and tell us if you enjoy the “feel” of this home as much as we do.