Have a stack of rope in your home and not quite sure what to use it for? Here is a clever idea from designer Jon Fraser, who came up with a way of creating furniture from 80 meters of rope. Found on HomeTone, the Ropey Chair combines comfort with function and not to mention originality. According to the project developer, the unique chair is ” a quirky take on the use of materials in the world around us. Differing from other fibre/resin composite furniture, Ropey Chair also retains the softness of the Sisal weave in the seating bucket. The result is a striking and comfortable combination. Ropey chair is made from 80 metres of sisal rope soaked in polyurethane resin and cured into 20 unique profiles, which create a smoothly contoured surface. In designing Ropey Chair I considered many possible iterations. However, I chose to make the looped stool as I felt its simple form did not overwhelm the story behind the chair.” Can you guess how long it took for Jon to put together this out-of-the-box design? To prove the process is not exactly an easy one, the chair was a one-week job. We really like the outcome and are wondering if you feel the same way.