“Zen” is said to be more of an attitude than a belief. In this case, you could say it is a little bit of both. The Zen retreat was envisioned by Etchboo Design and is a contemporary home located in the historic neighborhood in St. Augustine, Florida. Here is a short project description from the architects: “The design is a 2400 square feet single family residence and the constructed lot is positioned to enjoy incredible views of the Intra Coastal Waterway and the Atlantic Ocean. The goal of the project focused on maximizing the available views in an open manner. The structure is in contemporary style, though it utilizes material elements of the surrounding structures which date back to the 1890’s. Efficiency and low-maintenance were driving forces behind layout, material selection and structural choices. The area is within 130mph wind zone and engineering played a critical role in achieving an acceptable final result. The house is a balance of modern spaces and traditional interior finishes of wood, stone and hard-coat plaster walls. Color changing Led lighting is used throughout the structure to provide a wide range of nighttime ambiance”. We are really curious to find out your opinions about this home. How do you appreciate the giant Buddha statue located within the pool area?