Double Bay House comes from Carl Salim and Reema Bisher of Level Orange Architects and was especially designed for a young family with a “passion for raw materials, clean space and risk.” Here is a short description from the architects: “The Double Bay Residence was designed to nourish the client’s desire for visual silence and imperceptible spaces. Raw concrete, rabbit netting, solid white concrete floors, Caesar slab bathrooms meet the brief highlighting the lack of fuss that tiles, bricks door knobs and handles impart. A concealed kitchen was designed to hide the cooking station and equipment. The kitchen bench goes uninterrupted as it continues to the outdoor area and plunges into the pool. The master bedroom occupies a clear glass ensuite alluding to space and consistency. A spiral staircase sits as a bedside sculpture, above it a private dressing room to house the clients “art of fashion”. Have a look at this place and be sure to drop a line and tell us which details you like best.