The dinosaur planters from Austin-based Plaid Pigeon are so cool and fresh, that we couldn’t avoid showing them to you, our readers. The collection features 12 different dinosaurs and plants that will surely attract the admiration of your family and guests. Each featuring different 2-inch succulent plants, the dinosaur planters come in unique colours, making the collection interesting and modern. Every little “monster” has its own succulent plant embedded in the backside – the overall look is amazing and the plants are accentuated by the vivid colours of the dinosaurs. They can make great party favors or gifts, but you should definitely keep at least one for yourself – they’re too cool to give them all away. Just make sure to water the plants every two weeks and keep the dino planters in a room with good natural light throughout the day. The awesome dino planters can be ordered from Plaid Pigeon’s Etsy shop.