In case your were on the lookout for an elegant and flexible seating design, the Luso Lounger created by James Uren might fit the profile. Here is a description from the project developer: “The Luso Lounger is a modern reinterpretation of the Chaise Longue. It evolved from looking at redundant furniture, and re-inventing it to suit the way in which we live today. The addition of a footstool means that there are a number of different ways in which it can be used; a day bed, lounger, chair, footstool. The Luso lounger is an interesting asymmetric form that is versatile, makes an excellent use of space. The under-frame has been constructed using American cherry; the shell of the lounger is made from lacquered plywood”. Our attention was caught by its simple, yet clever appearance and we just had to share it further. What do you think of this original Chaise Longue ?