Now that we’re all spending more time in our outdoor home, its time to consider how to make your patio and deck area more inspiring and attractive with the use of planters. Plants have always been a welcomed sight to patios and they give texture, privacy, and ambiance to what could normally be a hard, and lifeless looking area.  If you are considering how to bring life to your patio, look at these tips for adding inspiring planters to your outdoor leisure areas.

  • Let your patio furniture inspire your planters: Depending on the visual presence of your patio and garden furniture, it should help sway your decisions for choosing decorative planters.  If your deck furniture is minimalistic with simple lines, consider planters that have these similar characteristics.  While large furniture that has a large presence, with ornamentation and intricate features will beg for planters that share large and grand scale features as well.
  • Coordinate with the architecture of your home: Planters come in a variety of styles, finishes, colors and heights. Decide on which characteristics will mimic the architectural details of your home. For planters placed near an entrance, consider the height of the doorway, entry area and the exterior color of the walls. Try and choose planters that will interplay nicely with walkway, paths, and patio deck materials as well. Remember, planters provide another vertical element to your outdoor space; therefore your exterior home details should play an integral part in choosing your planters.
  • Innovative ideas for planters: While the traditional terra cotta clay planter, or metal planter are common materials, so is concrete, stone, and brick. For many homes, using non-traditional materials, such as concrete masonry units or CMU, can still lend itself to a gorgeous display for plants. The open cell inside of CMU enables it to be filled with soil and then plant your favorite green plant inside. While the ability for them to be stacked as a retaining wall can have a multifunctional appeal for your patio or deck area. Be creative and mix different size units, and alter the face finish when possible. Split face CMU can lend a more rugged and natural aesthetic.
  • Understated doesn’t have to be boring: If you have prize winning hydrangeas that bloom every year, consider making the flowers the show stopper, and keeping the planters understated and classic. Choose planters with simple lines, and neutral colors to keep the emphasis on your beautiful blooms.  Consider using varying sizes of the same planter to house different varieties of the same plant, or disperse the sizes throughout your outdoor home. A consistent theme from your front entry, all the way through to your patio dining tables, and around the pool is the perfect way to unite the space together.

Summertime is the perfect time to take advantage of gorgeous planters for your patio or lanai.  Planters work well for homeowners that wish to change out the plants seasonally, or prefer to not have gardening maintenance on a weekly, if not daily basis. Planters also look great, sitting strategically outside of a less-than-view from inside of your home. If you’re tired of looking at the neighbor’s garage, consider placing beautiful planters right outside your window and see how much your interiors improve, instantly!

Freshome readers, tell us how you use planters in your outdoor home.