Fabulous homes like the one in today’s post are not that hard to find if you know where to look for them. This amazing apartment is located in Phoenix, Arizona and is part of the Crystal Point Condominium community. Featuring two bedrooms and three bathrooms, the apartment spreads over 2334 square feet. An open plan living space allows the owner to fully enjoy the whole space and interior design, whether he/she is lounging on the sofa, in front of the TV, enjoying extensive views of the city on the balcony or cooking dinner in the gourmet kitchen. Reflecting a modern and glamorous lifestyle, the loft features beautiful poured terrazzo floors and custom carpeting, accentuated by high-tech lighting systems. Undulating lines and curved shapes are predominant in the living and entertaining zone, but moving on to the private quarters, the design lines seem to soften. A stainless steel wet bar with built-in ice maker and wine refrigerator will help you keep your guests entertained. The built-in speakers extend the music onto the balcony, for a fascinating atmosphere while gazing over the bright city lights. Here, on the balcony, the owner’s friends and family can also enjoy the barbeque hidden in the stainless steel and granite bar. If you are interested in buying it or maybe check it out with your own eyes, you can contact the agents here.