We recently received an interesting apartment design featuring plenty of inspiring decorative elements from Design-Bureau Redo Studio. Here is a short description from the project developers: “The main task of the project was to transform a gathering of cramped rooms into one spacious volume, not interfering with the functional role. To increase the space it was necessary to deepen visual height of a ceiling. Glossy materials of deep dark colors were applied to this purpose. Mirrors create the illusion of additional spaces and intricate game of reflections. Wall surfaces are executed by the principle «nothing superfluous». The abundance of white dominates over a dark background in a combination with specks of a transparent -blue colour in decorative elements and finish. On the one hand, it gives special lightness and freshness, on another – perfectly promotes the sensation of an open space. The apartment is plentifully decorated by effective art-objects:  abstract wave-panel, surrealistic light cubes on a wall in the drawing room, imaginary volume of squares from thin metal rods.” What do you think is the highlight of this apartment? [Photography: Yuliya Pokhodnia]