The Potts Point Apartment displays a cheerful atmosphere in an urban setting. The redesigning of the small apartment included the need for transforming a 38 square meter crib into a space filled with light and joy. Located in Sydney, Australia, the apartment is situated in a Harry Seidler Building in Potts Point. The family living here – a young couple and their child – needed a space that would suit their lifestyle and ensure they have a high comfort level. The apartment was transformed into a place for family time and cheerful living: “The existing joinery (not original) was demolished leaving only the masonry walls to the bathroom which remains untouched. A new joinery element was inserted to re-configure the space, addressing the issues of privacy, storage and a lack of living space inherent in an apartment of this size.” All the available space was used to its full potential taking into account the family’s needs and wishes. Do you think that the architects from Sydney-based Anthony Gill Architects did a good job?