Austrian architectural practice Caramel Architecs outdone themselves by building a fascinating residence in one of Vienna’ suburb, named Rodaun. The family currently living here moved from an urban dwelling to this dream house at the periphery of the city, where the young couple and their child can visually enjoy the colourful passing of the seasons surrounded by fresh air. The architects transformed a 500 square meters area into a multi-level residence featuring a simple backyard complete with a pool. A compact 500 m2 grassy plot ensures the perfect size for an urban home close to the excitement of downtown Wien and keeps the young family interested in a modern lifestyle. Constructed to connect to the surroundings, the house displays a curved geometry. Special architectural elements were used throughout: “The tail end of the swoosh tapers to human scale forming smooth shallow depressions for sitting, curvilinear furniture, a pool and terrace with rounded corners.” Floor-to-ceiling windows on the ground floor envelope the building in transparency during daytime and translucency at night. The two upper floors seem to be floating above the carefully planned back yard. The imposing structure features four levels, three above ground and one below. It might now seem big, but this home leaves no room for improvement, don’t you think?