Viewed as an object of authority in its early days, the chair was reinvented as an everyday household object. In today’s curious society, the chair has taken on new life in the hands of inspired furniture designers. Thanks to modern technology’s fantastic versatility, chairs and armchairs can be designed and fabricated to express ideas and emotions. The Arms Chair comes from talented designer Oleksandr Shestakovych. “Always ready to welcome you in its embrace“, the chair features tiny hands on each arm. Playing with simple shapes, vivid colours and the name of the piece of furniture, the designer reached a new level of design. The three elements unite to shape an interesting design and significance. This seating unit expresses more than just visual appeal, it questions the objects around us and gives the armchair a new meaning. This particular chair design has soft, round edges that create a feeling of comforting stability. It might be just me, but the Arms Chair can at least make your guests smile and transform the piece into a subject of discussion.