House in Hill was designed to directly connect to its surroundings by moulding its shape after the terrain. Cell Space Architects designed this modern house in Gunma, Japan as a response to the natural environment surrounding it. Following the topographic contours, the building features one storey above grade and one storey below grade. Defining the space by allowing the structure to borrow the shape of the hillside, the House in Hill exploits the natural inclination of the site to its advantage. The terrace wraps around trees and undulates to offer extensive panoramas of the surroundings. Beams on the roof create a sense of extending interior space. Inside, spaces defined by light and connectivity to the outside gather the inhabitants under a modern roof. Constructed on a timber frame and using reinforced concrete, the architects of the House on Hill fabricated an atmosphere connecting outside and inside spaces. Do you like it or maybe you prefer a home overlooking the ocean?