How many times have you thought about the fun times you had with the world-renowned Lego bricks? And how many of you still enjoy playing with the little building pieces? Lego blocks have been around for decades and apparently, it was high time that real building blocks stepped up. The interlocking concrete bricks were hand cast to resemble a standard 2×4 LEGO building block and remind everyone about the great time they spent during their childhood pretending to build amazing structures. Some architects might even consider this an exceptional gift, just like any other Lego fan. Use them to constantly remind yourself of the joys of a carefree childhood or give them away as presents to whomever you feel would enjoy them most. The concrete bricks are all unique due to the features of the material. You can find them on Minnesota-based Studio 1015’s Etsy store and they cost $ 8,50 for a 6-piece set.