For today, we have a fresh Romanian house design that we would like to share with you. Created by Cluj-Napoca-based design studio Qub Design and the manager Dumitru Pop, this residence in the heart of a residential neighbourhood in Cluj spreads over three floors. The semi-basement features storage and the technical room. The first floor is occupied by a large living space and the modern kitchen, while the upper floor shelters the private sleeping zones – 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms and three dressing-rooms. A terrace offers the inhabitants fresh air and panoramas of the surroundings. By combining the classic and modern styles, the designers fabricated a comfortable and chic atmosphere, encouraged by the large space that offers a good illumination for the whole interior spaces. The personal style of the designer can be observed by looking at the complementing colours and design elements in the living space, bedrooms and bathrooms. The chosen furniture displays seriousness, balance and warmth. The combination between cheerful and sober design creates a comfortable atmosphere, perfect for family life. The large spaces were accentuated by the colour palette and the use of wood gives the residence a warm feeling of home. Quality furniture and furnishings express the need for modern comfort and the result is a home that inspires through chromatic effects. The inspiring photos were taken by Hila.