Conceptual artist Sebastian Errazuriz presented his new concept of an Opera Fireplace. The limited edition fireplace was carved out of 600 pounds of Italian marble, evoking a small scale opera stage. All the details – hanging curtains, side stairs or the actual stage – were created to not only look artistic, but also be fully functional. This opera fireplace can be installed in any residence provided that the clients have an eye for detail and an open mind. A scaffolding structure and figurine, hand-carved from maple, complete the artistic interior space of the fireplace. The artist needed to work on paper before the concept took shape in real life, so numerous sketches created the path that led to the construction of the Opera Fireplace. Detailed work on the marble was undertaken by the artist and two marble craftsmen in Brooklyn, not to mention the wooden structures that took over two weeks each to finish. How would you feel if you had one of these in your home?