The time has come for us to showcase Freshome’s top 10 most popular projects presented in June. As usual, we chose to pick our “best of” according to our readers’ Facebook shares, so let us know if your personal favorite design made it on the list. Remember that by clicking on the pictures, you can see more photos and details about each project. Enjoy!

#1. The post that got the most votes in June features a few street art works that are sure to bring a smile on your face. OaKoAk is a “French artist who likes to play with urban elements”. The result? Cute urban jokes that liven up the gloomy city streets. Apparently the the “Chuck Norris Sat Here” broken bench really caught on and we got a lot of positive feedback from you guys.

#2. The spectacular Leaf House was designed by Mareines + Patalano Arquitetura and is located in Angra dos Reis, close to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Its unique design is said to be inspired by Brazil’s Indian architecture and was envisioned in a way that counteracts the humid and hot climate which characterizes the area. Stretching over a surface of 8,600 square feet, this original looking beach home is covered by a giant leaf-shaped roof that isolates the building:

#3. If you are looking for creative ways to light up a room,  these Gourd Lamps from Calabarte are a good option. Each gourd lamp is made from a gourd brought from Senegal and their exotic design is achieved after carefully selecting dried shells of gourd fruit and drilling patterns into them. And just have a look at that lovely game of light!

#4. In at number four is an artistic living wall consisting of a replica of Van Gogh’s well-known 1889 painting “A Wheatfield, with Cypresses” and displayed in front of The National Gallery in London, as a result of a collaboration between General Electric and the museum. Over 8,000 plants of 25 varieties were used to mimic the bold colours in Van Gogh’s original painting.

#5, Maui is a picturesque Hawaiian island capable of offering unique holiday experiences. This opulent villa is called “Jewel of Maui” and consists of 5 bedrooms and 6 bathrooms. Its architecture seems to express the fact that this house is meant for active relaxation only.This vacation retreat is up for rent here, with prices ranging from $6,750 to $8,250 per night. Just click on the photo for more details.

#6. This stunning looking home was designed by architect Victor Cañas and is located in the province of Guanacaste, Costa Rica. Situated atop of a dramatic cliff, the residence has spectacular views over the Pacific Ocean and the beautiful green coastline. With a total living area of 4500 square feet, this is the ultimate holiday retreat. The side of the building facing the ocean features floor to ceiling windows for unobstructed vistas towards the terraces, infinity pool and beyond.

#7. Have a look at this creative idea that can be widely applied when it comes to a variety of designs ! According to the producers,” Litracon® is a combination of optical fibers and fine concrete. With an original and eye-catching appearance, this type of material can be used in a variety of ways, it is all up to the user’s imagination.

#8. Janet Echelman is an artist currently working and living in Brookline, Massachusetts, United States. Her public art works left us speechless, which is why we decided to showcase them on Freshome. Right now, her projects made it to our top 10 June posts which means you guys liked appreciated them just as much as we did.

#9. Located in Extramadura, a community of western Spain, this amazing building was first constructed by the Jerónimo monks in the 12th century and later became an oil mill. Due to its historic value, its original architecture was kept intact. In order to rehabilitate the building and transform it into a proper living space, the current owners transmitted their request to architect Ricardo Elizondo, who reinvented the space, after almost two decades of utter neglect.

#10. Created by Emily Wettstein, a 25-year-old designer from Brooklyn, NY,  this table is as fresh as it gets. With an original appearance, it can literally bring nature indoors, since it features a removable planter that can hold a variety of plants. The table itself is made from reclaimed walnut and steel and looks great, with or without the creative green addition.