Designed by Barcelona-based Minim Interior Design Studio, the residence located in Spain’s Priorat Wine Region showcases a rustic atmosphere accentuated by the balanced use of modern furnishings. The building used to be an old mill, but the architects transformed it into an interesting residence while respecting the original space. Trying to overcome the building’s shortcomings, the architects included “a bold “sculpture-staircase” in order to organize the building internally.” The complex interior design of the house is a transformation of old into stunning modern while keeping a comfortable and enticing arrangement. High ceilings and stone walls in the living room convey a sense of idyllic relaxation and the open floor plan favours the placement of the dining room close to the kitchen, which is hidden by the wooden staircase. The upstairs private rooms were designed to offer raw relaxation and impose a feeling of overwhelming simplicity. An interesting feature transforms the residence into a fantastic entertaining space: the presence of a winery – not uncommon for houses in the Priorat Wine Region. This room features “one of the region´s finest wines“, as described by Minim. I bet you can find at least one exceptional thing about this residence.