Good news for those who are passionate about photography! After featuring the amazing Canon and Nikon Coffee Mugs, today we showcase another photography-friendly design: the Lens Pillows. Plushtography is a design studio that started creating the lens pillow for themselves, then thought about sharing their work with the world. Creating a pillow for those who love their camera was not an easy job, especially if the pillow must be soft and fun: “Our products are 100% handmade, and each one is pre-hugged by a team of koalas to ensure maximum huggability.” The hand-made pillows come in three different shapes: a Canon 50mm and a Nikon 35mm lens for $35 and a Canon 24-105mm lens for $65. Made using fleece and felt, the pillows are soft but sturdy. Each design was meant to be enjoyed by everyone whose love for photography can be seen outside their photos. Surrounding yourself with these fun and creative pillow lenses is a great way of showing your family and friends how much you care for your hobby. These pillows are also a great gift for photographers and photography enthusiasts, don’t you think?