Showcasing a flawless design, both interior and exterior, the residence in Bethesda, Maryland was designed by and for the owner at Shinberg.Levinas. What used to be a typical 1940’s colonial brick house was transformed into an amazing contemporary home that “explodes the front and rear façade in order to reveal the inner-workings of the colonial home. The floating roof and floor slab transcend the boundary imposed by the traditional load-bearing front façade. From within, the newly defined forms transport the gaze of the inhabitant to the distant neighborhood, expanding the limits of the house.” Inspired by nautical shapes and design lines, the Burling Court Residence was built using construction techniques found in the same sector. The entrance and rear breakfast nook resemble the bow of a ship, while traditional elements were inserted in the design to express the strong family bond. Stone walls aid the traditional feeling of a healthy, strong family. Large, fluid spaces give the residence a strong vibe of respect for the unity of a family and admiration for modern shapes – all under the main design lines of nautical inspiration.