Designing a burger palace is not an easy job, especially if the restaurant is the place where the acclaimed chef and owner Bobby Flay would yet again experience with cuisine. Having owned many restaurants with different concepts and cuisines, the owner is interested in “the individual character of each of his projects, insisting on uniqueness and integrity.”  Keeping the balance between the dining experience and visual appeal, “Bobby Flay has expanded his reach from fine dining into the local, casual restaurant experience at Bobby’s Burger Palace.” The clutter-free space at Bobby’s Burger Palace was designed by New-York-based cross-disciplinary architecture and design firm Rockwell Group, who reinvented the classic burger joint, using red, yellow and blue colors, and an iconic undulating central counter to create an energetic and fun environment. Here, guests can place their order and then sit at the counter and interact with their friends or other patrons while servers deliver their food and drinks.” Do you like the casual atmosphere of this restaurant?