Drawing inspiration from the over-industrialized world we all live in, the Pandora Cabinets take the best out of a well-known archetype seen in every harbour. Each piece of the modular storage system has a fascinating appeal and putting them all together can create interesting storage units, personalized to your own choosing. The international operating design studio Sander Mulder has described the Pandora Cabinets as “inspired by the wonderful colour mosaics that sprout to life in every harbor and container terminal the world around. The individual pieces can be stacked and rotated around in endless (colour-) combinations, to create your personal container terminal for all domestic storage uses.” Found on Blue Ant Studio, the industrial Pandora Cabinets are made out of powder coated steel and have smoked glass shelves on the inside. You can even choose to have metal shelves, if you so desire. They are available in three sizes – small, medium and large and come with optional wheels. Where do you think the Pandora Cabinets would fit in your home?