In case you ever wondered how the residents in your city could become more responsible when it comes to littering (or perhaps how you could stop your kids from throwing various papers around the house), keep on reading. A fun and innovative awareness campaign was implemented for the the city of Lucerne in Switzerland. Here is an excerpt from the article published at Neue Luzerner Zeitung about these unusual game incentives: The action “Lucerne shines” was launched already in 1999. At that time, within three years, two thirds of urban waste was replaced by larger models and intensified cleaning. This was a success but there was still a littering problem—i.e. careless dumping of waste in public places. The city of Lucerne spends 4.5 million francs annually to clean public spaces. This campaign was created to sensitize the general population about this problem. A total of 16 bins in the city of Lucerne were converted to game stations. The campaign slogan is: Lucerne shines, very easily. ” We are really curious if this campaign will give any significant results. All in all, we find it creative and worthy of being implemented in various cities across the world. What do you think of it?