The widely-used keyboard key combination served as inspiration for the inventive Ctrl-Alt-Delete Cup Set from ThinkGeek. The “sophisticated geek barware” will accompany your coffee breaks and you will be more energetic after a short break alongside your afternoon coffee. Just like your computer needs a break, so do you. The Ctrl-Alt-Delete Cup Set will restore your energy just like the key combination restores your computer. The stylish design of the cups hides the true face of the set when it is not turned upside down. The black plastic cups look chic and the cool stylized circuit-board tray accentuates their true design while keeping the cups neatly arranged. The three cups set display a black exterior and a white interior, a classy combination that does a great job for the overall design. The sturdy plastic can hold hot or cold drinks and is also dishwasher safe. If you need to have them in your collection, you can buy them from Think Geek for $11,99. Have fun with your coffee breaks and don’t forget to share with us your thoughts on this Ctrl-Alt-Delete Cup Set.