Hidden behind an existing Queen Anne residence, the modern part of the Enclave House features fantastic living spaces divided by a beautifully landscaped garden while featuring parking facilities in the back of the lot. The front facade has undergone a restoration that avoided modifying the existing structure, look and elevation. Designed by BKK Architects, the Enclave House displays a classy facade, a main living volume, an outdoor relaxation and entertaining area and an office in the back. All these spaces were personalized for the owner’s family to support a comfortable and modern lifestyle. The backside addition features entertaining and living spaces spread over two floors. The 511 square meters are divided into interior spaces that can be transformed to suit the changing needs of the family. A raised pool located in the central courtyard displays a fascinating attraction for the children and adults. The backside volume can become a home office, while the basement can be transformed into a game room or a gym. Locally sourced materials were used all over the house and eco-friendly features ensure a minimal environment print. Do you feel that the house could have used more outdoor space?