This intriguing looking stone residence is located on the Caribbean island of St. Barthelemy and was designed by Barnes Coy Architects. According to the architects, the site is situated on a high peninsula, with 270 degree views of the surrounding landscape: “The long axis of the house is perpendicular to the axis of the peninsula, aligning it with sunrise and sunset. The main space is open from North to South, with bedrooms behind a wall that angles away toward the South-East, making the space wider at the West end of the house. The effect is akin to a lens opening up to the view across a bay and other islands beyond. Each bedroom opens to a private walled terrace with an outdoor shower beneath a pergola. The West and South facades are floor-to-ceiling glass panels. The glass panels part at the corner and slide into the exterior walls, opening the house completely and allowing the Pennsylvania Limestone wall to extend beyond without interruption. This allows for a seamless connection between the main living space and the exterior spaces, engaging the entire site as an extension of the house“. How do you appreciate the overall design of this project?