If you’re like most people, the ability to escape from the hectic world into your outdoor home is a pastime that you look forward to daily. Your outdoor home is an opportunity to enjoy nature, get fresh air, and retreat to a sanctuary that is truly yours. From relaxing furniture and ambiance lighting at night, to heavenly outdoor luxuries that can truly make your outdoors feel like you are inside. Here are tips for planning a relaxing outdoor sanctuary at your home.

  • Introduce architectural elements: Depending on how your outdoor home is laid out, introducing architectural elements such as a pergola, arbor, or overhead trellis area can create a visual statement instantly.  Consider adding sheer drapery, outdoor fabrics and textiles are perfect for adding privacy, shielding out the harsh sun and for adding an outdoor seclusion that is mimicked from your interiors. For use at night, outfit your structure with lighting to enjoy the space for dining or just taking in the summer sunsets.
  • Let your furniture set the stage: Outdoor patio and garden furniture has come a long way from the aluminum or PVC varieties of years past. Today outdoor furniture can span from simple to extravagant and luxurious. Consider your lifestyle and what you enjoy doing in your outdoor home. Creating a sanctuary is all about comfort, and leisure. Consider lounging chairs, outdoor daybeds, oversized loveseats and plenty of tableside areas for your fruity drinks!
  • Bring on the ambiance: The challenge for some homeowners is how to make the outdoors still have an ambiance that is unique, relaxing, and luxurious without any walls and ceilings. Creative uses of outdoor fire pits, chimineas, lanterns, and even creating stand alone bars to sit and share food and drink are great ways to bring on the ambiance you desire for your guests. First assess your natural surroundings. Your outdoor home may not need as many physical amenities if you have a stunning backdrop like mountains, a pool, or great landscaping.
  • Light the way to relaxation: While your outdoor sanctuary should be enjoyed while lying at the pool, it should also be admired from inside your home. Lighting is essential for creating ambiance, as well as securing safety around your home. Consider hiring a landscape architect or lighting designer to help you create the mood you desire. Lighting for landscaped areas can be different from your leisure and entertaining areas. Ensure that your sanctuary can be enjoyed safely with adequate and complimentary lighting.

It’s easy to neglect the outdoors when you don’t spend enough time outside to appreciate them. Change that by turning your outdoor home into a sanctuary with these simple tips. Escape the hustle and bustle of life, and see what has been missing from your home. Whether you plan on entertaining, playing with the kids, or doing absolutely nothing…. your outdoor sanctuary is waiting on you. Create a space that will reflect your personal style, as well as welcome guests with open arms and with relaxing aesthetics.