Welcome to a beautiful apartment that seems to burst with energy. With a living area of 147 square meters and a total of four rooms plus kitchen, this place is not just pretty, but also very spacious. Seen on Skeppsholmen, the crib features charming design details and a few elements of surprise. We did not expect to see any other interior but the living room be the focal point of the loft. However, the position of the kitchen makes this part of the house very eye-catching, due to a well thought symmetry. Exposed wooden beams (they seem to be a real trend these days), a modern, yet vintage-inspired fireplace and inclined walls contribute to the originality and warmth of this truly refined apartment. We love the bedrooms and the overall “tucked-in” feeling one must have when resting in there, with or without being wrapped in bed sheets. We know we will enjoy these photos, so check them all out and let’s see your reply!