The Matchbox Gardens are creative garden alternatives for small apartments that need a little extra greenery. The cute little matchboxes from Another Studio transform into small gardens in no time. Simple and effective, the Matchbox Gardens are easy to plant and care for: “Each box contains everything you need to cultivate your own cress lawn: simply attach your house to garden, sow the seeds and add a little water.  Seeds should sprout within three days and with a little love and care the garden will last up to three weeks.” The gardens come in little boxes, measuring only 105 x 70 x 15 mm each, and contain cut-out features, cress seeds, a waterproof tray and instructions on how to plant and care for your Matchbox Garden. You can style it up with additional features like chimneys, rooftops, weather vanes or bikes, even create a small city that displays little gardens in front of each building. Scroll down to the end of the post to see a short video about the cute Matchbox Gardens. Enjoy!