For those of you crazy about dynamic designs, here is a chair that will hit the spot. X-1 comes from Carbon Fiber Gear and has a fresh and smooth appearance. Here is the full description from the project developers: “The X-1 carbon fiber lounge chair, designed and imported from Italy, was inspired by an aircraft structure. ┬áThe visual impact of the carbon fiber has deliberately been left exposed, giving the chair a series of reflections that are typical to the material. The core of the chair is made from honeycomb Nomex material, which when combined with the carbon fiber, creates extreme stiffness and a sleek look. ┬áThe padded portion of the chair is made from high quality leather and is available in a variety of colors, while the head pillow has a system of regulation in three positions for maximum comfort. The X-1 offers a full-length lounge with a shape your body will form to“. Check out the video for zoomed details of the project and let us know what you think.