Innovative furniture designs have become more and more popular. People want to see creative furniture items adapted to modern times and the Woofer Chair is one of these. The chairs that was inspired by a loudspeaker also has technologic features “that allows for sound waves to vibrate throughout the seat, consenting the user to hear and even to feel the audio spectrum, thanks to sophisticated sound actuators hidden inside the fibreglass structure of the chair.” Designed by Singapore-based integrated spatial-design practice Ministry of Design for Saporiti Italia, the contemporary chair blurs the lines of design and sound technology, creating a world of possibilities for audio lovers. A soft ergonomic seating unit complements the hard fibreglass outer shell, exploiting the difference between the two materials. The shape and size of the Woofer Chair fabricate a connection between form and function: “Its sheer size gives gravitas to the low bass resonances while the tapering of its sides to mere millimetres is a nod to the treble timbres” The designers allow the chair to be personalized in order to offer a multitude of design options without tampering with the main design lines. Is this a chair you would want to own?