The Coffee Chair, designed by Sunhan Kwon of HeWasBorn, exploits the shape of well-known objects transformed into pieces of furniture. Looking at the chair from the front, it resembles a coffee cup sitting on a saucer silhouette. The backrest features a handle that can be used to hand a purse or a bag. “Coffee Chair makes you think of a cup of fragrant coffee. This unique design evokes the imagination that you drink a cup of coffee in a nice cafe. It is a storytelling design chair. Broke out from general design of symmetrical side chair and attached just a handle on one side of the back of a chair.” Thanks to its shape and modern design, the Coffee Chair can successfully be used in a restaurant, bar or a coffee shop. Made from European wood veneer and painted in classy colors – black, white and natural – the Coffee Chair delights its owner with its simple and fresh design lines. Presented with the use of video mapping, the Coffee Chair’s promotional video can be seen at the end of this post. Just scroll down and enjoy “a cup of chair“.