Bambi Chair was designed by Timo Wong and Priscilla Lu form Studio Juju,  a studio in Singapore. The chair has a an appealing design, featuring a  handmade upholstered cushion that inspires comfort and mildness. Here are a few words from the designers about the product: ” We wanted a backrest that is inviting to the touch. Bambi has a welcoming handle and a generous low seat. We kept in mind the texture of the wood and its construction, creating a continuity of the handle to its legs. The soft upholstered seat compliments the handmade warmth of the beech wood“. Easy to move from one place to another, the chair is a very flexible seating unit, perfect for when you are confronted with an invasion of guests all of a sudden. Its simple (and delightful) appearance make it easy to integrate in a variety of interiors. Did it win you over too?