ARM architects designed a unique building in Mebourne, Australia, displaying a portrait of an indigenous leader. The construction is located on the former Carlton Brewery site and will be completed by year 2014.  Here is more information from the project developers: “The façade is a symbol of Victoria’s indigenous heritage, a homage to the first Australians. The building’s façades have two distinct sides, and two distinct stories. The visage of William Barak (Beruk) the last traditional ngurungaeta (elder) of the Wurundjeri-willam Clan is transposed on to the building, representing the deep history and presence of Aboriginal nations in this land. The cultural resonance of William Barak gazing down the civic axis of Melbourne towards the post federation Shrine of Remembrance, stands to unite the city’s modern heritage with its ancient history“. The portrait is said to be sculpted across a 330 ft (100 meter) high area,  using the building’s concrete balconies as “canvas”. Freshome readers, if you were to choose a personality that would watch over your way to work every morning, who would it be?