The contemporary architecture of Villa Skäret beautifully contrasts with the surroundings. Located in Höganäs, Sweden, the modern building is actually a collection of four black box-like structures overlooking the North Sea. Designed by Helsingborg-based Chahrour Huhtilainen A+D architects, the villa features independent structures that compose the main living spaces of the house. These are interconnected by an elaborate decking system that allows the inhabitants to enjoy as much of the outdoors as possible. The main volume features all the necessary living spaces, while other two volumes act as guesthouses and the last black box features a sauna and storage areas. All volumes have extensive panoramas of the surroundings and can open up to fully connect to the environment via large sliding doors. With such exquisite features, Villa Skäret is more than a home, it’s a luxurious resort-like residence that makes the owners proud.