Industrial designers Mark Goetz and Efe Buluc took the concept of a usual piece of furniture found in many homes and turned it into a creative industrial-looking lounge chair. Made from aluminium and covered in neoprene, the Bulldozer Lounge Chair displays a bold yellow and black shell that offers comfort and relaxation to those of you in search for some unusual furniture that can be used by the pool or in the back garden. The resemblance to a bulldozer is remarkable and yet the lounge chair has a contemporary design. The designer’s Bulldozer Lounge Chair was launched at the 2011 International Contemporary Furniture Fain in New York. Their design philosophy emerged from modern day provocations, creating “a new visual language characterized by bold industrially produced elements connected in innovative ways. The Bulldozer Lounge is the first piece of a philosophy that magnifies human imagination and creativity rather than deriving inspiration from nature“.