Designed by Paphos-based architecture firm VardaStudio, the house you are about to see is located in the second-largest city in Cyprus – Limassol. Spread over 650 square meters, the living spaces that make up the Adamos Residence were divided to fit on three floors. Elegant intersecting volumes create a contemporary residential architecture highlighted by the use of wood insertions on the white facade. The extended summer season in Cyprus allows the inhabitants to enjoy many days filled with natural light in the back garden. The yard and the garage were divided by a selection of rectangular pieces of wall, creating a visual delimitation that completes the landscape in a unique way. The interiors keep the same design lines seen on the outside, but the bold accents used as decorative elements throughout the house exploit a slightly artistic design. A double-height living room thrones in the middle of the residence, creating a gathering space for the family and friends. Large windows and extensive use of glass in the interior design – especially for delimitating purposes – create corridors for the natural light. Bright and modern, the Adamos Residence plays with volumes and light to offer the perfect background for its inhabitant’s lifestyle.