For those of you who just love vintage pieces of furniture, today we will show you a superb, classic vintage telephone table by Katie Bonas that is perfectly adaptable for modern use. This piece of furniture is hand-painted: “The seat has a pretty arched back and padded armrest at the side. The frame is painted in Country Grey and distressed, which particularly brings out the decorative motifs around the edges. The seat has been upholstered in a gorgeous vintage-style paisley linen, with co-ordinating duck egg polka dot linen to the side of the arm and on the back.” Its beautiful details can enhance your home and make a statement of historic power. Many of us don’t need to use it for its initial purpose but an exceptional piece like this one can be used to keep your keys. By placing the table by your bed, you can use the drawer part as a nightstand and the seating part can accommodate your clothes for the next day. And how about placing the telephone table in on the balcony, so you can enjoy your morning coffee and fresh air?  With some DiY skills, you can even transform the table’s drawer into a hidden iPod charger. You can creatively use it for any other purpose you can think of because this piece of furniture can easily be adapted to contemporary conditions.