Welcome to a wonderful three room apartment designed with good taste in mind. Stretched over an area of 93 square meters, you are looking at a home that inspires due to its modern design spiced up with vintage elements. This crib may be generous in size, but the feeling that you get when looking at the photos is that of extreme space and neatness, achieved through ingenious arrangements. The living room is large, light and airy, featuring a comfortable sofa, a reading corner, a coffee table, a small bookcase and a TV set. Three vintage chests, a fireplace and an old fashioned political map (which we absolutely love, by the way), give this place its turn of the century feel. The bedroom however has a more contemporary approach. White walls and floors contrast beautifuly with a stylish wallpaper. A large window facing a beautiful garden and a king-sized bed makes this room the optimum sleeping interior of the apartment. Have a look!