This stunning looking home was designed by architect Victor Cañas and is located in the province of Guanacaste, Costa Rica. Situated atop of a dramatic cliff, the residence has spectacular views over the Pacific Ocean and the beautiful green coastline. With a total living area of 4500 square feet, this is the ultimate holiday retreat. The side of the building facing the ocean features floor to ceiling windows for unobstructed vistas towards the terraces, infinity pool and beyond. We particularly like the concrete tiles that one has to step on in order to enter the house through the front door. Once inside, prepare for even more surprises. Tasteful decors adorn the spacious interiors, making it hard for anyone not to fall for this place. Concrete and wood elements combine subtly and create great aesthetic effects. The simple color palette is disrupted here and there by orange and red splashes of color. Enjoy! [Photography by Jordi Miralles ]