House in a Church was designed by Ruud Visser Architects and is located in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. As the name of the project suggests, this building used to be a church, but in the 1960’s, the owners started using it as a storage deposit.  Here is more from the architects: “Instead of simply transforming the church into a house with 12 bedrooms, we have a ‘normal’ house created as a separate object placed in the church. You can truly walk around the house while you are ‘in’ the church. The last aisle of the church, the transept is completely open. The front and side, allowed practical use, as much as possible to its original state. On the back-side of the original church was the choir. A smaller and lower volume than the actual church. With its back facade directly situated on the bank of the river De Rotte. The original volume of the choir is replaced by a modern volume, with the same measurements but much shorter and with the back facade completely out of glass. The formerly ‘transept’ of the church (cross-ship) is laid open now. And is designed as an immense void, where the whole original church can be seen. The new glass-façade opens the church to the river and gives a magnificent view off the landscape. The transept now functions as a buffer between the outside and the private house.”  How do you appreciate the outcome of this conversion?