Original Furniture Set: 3D Coffee Table and Stools

Martin Gallagher designed a coffee table set that we find clever and practical. Here is the press release we received from the project developers: “3D is a neat contemporary coffee table and stools based on solids and voids, cylindrical forms and modern architecture using high quality modern materials and vivid upholstery.  Designed for modern living where space is of the up most importance, 3D is a modular piece of furniture.  Its height and overall scale can be modified by adding or reducing the amount of plywood layers within the piece.  The stools come upholstered in a wide palette of colors, but the option of having Birch plywood coloured seats is also available so that each stool can be used as side a table, therefore maximizing the design to its full potential“. Enjoy the photos and don’t forget we are looking forward to your opinions concerning every design we post on Freshome.