Some residences get their names from certain elements that remind us of things. The Eyebrow House is one of those houses that received a makeover and a new name, perfectly adapted to its appearance. The architects, Portland-based Doon Architecture, took the existing structure and reshaped it into a modern home, resembling the arches of an eyebrow. The firm describes the work done of the house: “Plans called for opening up the rear of the house to the backyard and create vaulted interior bedrooms on the second level by using prefabricated galvanized elliptical arches (commonly used for simple storage structures) in a novel way as dormers. By opening up the rear of the house and cantilevering off it, we wished to integrate the existing site terracing into the house and allow views of the backyard from most points inside. Emphasis is placed on the kitchen/dining area at the expense of the traditional living room.” What resulted from the transformation of the modest 1940s home in the Mount Tabor neighbourhood is a modern residence anchored by metal columns. Below, the last picture shows you the before and after. Enjoy the pictures and let us know if you think that the transformation was successful.