Zeppelin is an original lighting design created by company Integral Studio Vinaccia for the brand called Pulsar. According to the information sent by the designers, “the entire Zeppelin collection is available in natural ceramic or glazed painted in eight different colors, both opaque and shiny. The body lamp is made of 100% ceramic, which due to their very nature and production process are sustainable and ecological material. The raw materials of these ceramic pieces come from the earth itself (clay) which, together with the water and heat used in the firing process, form a natural, high quality product. We gave the name Zeppelin to the lamp (in honor of the famous airships), because it was amusing to see that a relatively heavy object like the Zeppelin, seemed so light once hung. Thanks to its RGB LED, using a remote control, one can change the color and the intensity of light for the whole range“. The lamp bodies are available in two sizes: one with a length of 130 cm and a diameter of 35 cm, and a smaller version with 100 cm in length and a diameter of 25 cm. What is your opinion on this “unearthly” design?