Every year the world of home interiors sees color trends come and go, and depending on which ones are more impactful from a cultural, design, or aesthetic perspective, many tend to trickle into other seasons in popularity. Colors that are powerful together and make interiors appear stronger, dramatic or eye-catching are termed “power colors”.  In 2011 the Color Trends report has several colors that have made it big in fashion and in home design. Take a look at these power color combinations and note how any of them can take your interiors from ordinary to dazzling with their introduction into your home.

  • Turquoise and Lime Green: Ever since Turquoise was announced the color of the year by Pantone in 2010, it has kept interiors looking fresh and modern. The combination of powerful, yet soothing turquoise with the fun and sassiness of lime green makes these two colors a power color combination. Whether used in bathrooms, kitchens, baths or living rooms, turquoise and lime green remind you of vacationing in lazy summer beach house with the sophisticated posh aesthetic that we all crave in our interiors.
  • Orange and Hot Pink: The interesting pairing of orange and hot pink is how powerful each of these are on their own. Once combined they complement each other beautifully. Variations of orange can range from pastel salmon tones to deep rust and hot pink can vary from pastel blush pink to deep magenta pinks. From textiles for bedding and drapery to wallpaper, orange and hot pink is a power color combination that is not from the timid. If you prefer a tamer combination, try using the lighter tones of each, and see how much your interiors will speak volumes about you!
  • Neutrals and Black: While neutrals tend to be laid back and calm, when combined with striking pairing of black colors intermixed with white, camel, beige, and grays, what a way to add drama to your dining or living room. Black has always been seen to add drama to home interiors, and can often feel cave-like and over bearing if not used sparingly. When paired with whites and cream colors, the timeless and classic combination makes any interior feel like it will be comfortable today or 100 years from now.
  • Metalics combined with all colors: While metallics aren’t considered a color, they are considered a finish, but combine a powerful color combination with any color of the rainbow! From cool metallics in stainless steel, silver, nickel and platinum to the warm appeal of bronzes, copper, and gold’s, metallics are another way to make your interiors pop. When choosing metallics opt for the colors of spectrum that coincide with the warm and cool colors of the inherent metals. For example red, orange, yellow and lighter greens look fabulous paired with the warm metals, and darker greens, blues and purples blend well with the silvery cool metallics.

Power color combinations are a great way to bring back pizzazz in your home, as well as make the boring feel revived. Consider powering up these colorful power combinations and see what new ones you can come up with. There are an infinite number of colors in this world, and who knows, the next power color combination can be waiting for you to discover in your home!

Freshome readers what power color combinations do you have in your home?