There are only a couple of photos to show us the ingenuity and playfulness of the Rocking Lamps. By combining a relaxing furniture design element with the necessary lighting needed in a home, the creative minds of Young & Battaglia created the cute lights for Mineheart. Made in England, the Rocking lamps are described by Mineheart: “These playful lamps need no explanation… They simply rock!” Having a beech rocking stand and white cotton shades, the Rocking Lamps offer an innovative alternative to usual lights. This is one of the beautiful things found on Design Milk and we are confident that this lamp can create an enjoyable and fun atmosphere in your home, too. They come in two sizes: the large one is 61 x 90 cm, while the smaller version measures 30 x 45cm. Do you like these lamps or you need a steadier light source?


These playful lamps need no explination… They simply rock!