V-House was designed by a company of architects entitled GAAGA and is located in Leiden, The Netherlands. This beautiful compact home takes its name from a distinct feature: its roof shape. Even though it is hardly noticeable from the outside, the crib has a total of two floors, each with its well structured living zones. The first level accommodates the entrance hall, with views to the garden, the stairway and a corridor which opens up to the bedrooms on the right side and to a large polyvalent space on the left side. On the top floor, there is a living, dining and kitchen area. These spaces are all united under a single ceiling, varying in height from 2.8 meters at the centre to 4.1 meters at the edges. We really love the diversity of this house, which inspires warmth and serenity. Have a look at the photos and tell us if you feel the same. [ Photography: Marcel van der Burg ]