The Floating House is an impressive contemporary residence designed by Hyunjoon Yoo Architects and located in South Korea. The brief was to create a home suited for a couple in their sixties, which would take advantage of the river nearby and avoid the overall racket of the neighborhood. According to the architects, the plan can be described as the “space within space”: ” The service space, such as a bathroom, a dress room, and a kitchen, was concentrated in the middle and compactly distributed, and a bedroom was placed in the east, a living room in the west, and a corridor in the outskirts. To make people in the house feel the space bigger than real, a circular traffic line was adopted instead of one main traffic line. The circular traffic line was made with a minimum width to differentiate the intensity of space, but the space does not look small because the traffic line extends to visually meet the terrace. Since the stairs that lead to the roof were made as if they were inserted to the second floor, the staircase does not protrude on the roof. The staircase itself plays a role as a well of light, transmitting light to the middle level of the house.” We truly appreciate the creativity of this design and the tasteful decors. What do you like most about this project? [Photography by Seunghoon Yum]